Larsa International Ltd. is based in Basra, Iraq. It’s specialized in delivering business services for companies working in oil field locations.

Established in 2019, Larsa International Ltd. has grown steadily and is now one of the leading and fastest growing companies in the Southern part of Iraq. Larsa owns and operates a modern Business Center which has equipment, plant, and employs more than 100 dedicated and highly experienced employees with a proven and successful track record in Iraq.

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To be the leading contracting company in Basra and Iraq.

To be the partner of choice to our clients, to develop our employees and to deliver value to our shareholders.

Larsa Business Center

In response to Iraq’s expanding energy sector, Larsa Ltd. has established a comprehensive base, Larsa Business Center, in North Rumelia, Basra which is strategically positioned, covers an area of 125,000m2. Having secured it and brought all utilities to the site, Larsa Business Center has constructed a first class base...

Larsa Business Center



Mannawi Centre Buidling, 3rd Floor, Flat No.10
Mannawi Basha, Basra, Iraq


Rumaila, Basra, Iraq